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Captain Kiki Kentucky uniforms :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Amatrix Destroyer technical layout - external :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 USS Enterme technical layout - external :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Master Chief Clit!Lick model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 1 0 Yeoman Randy model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Ensign 'Andy' Anton model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Nurse Annal model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Lieutenant Ngono model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 1 0 Princess Polyphilia color test :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Lieutenant Trulu model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Mistress Micky model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Doctor Boneher DeFlower model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Commander Longdong model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0 Captain Kiki Kentucky model construction - body :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 1 0 Pencil rough - Princess Polyphilia :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0
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Krakers paperdoll (ADULT ... but not very) :iconcmfatemi:cmfatemi 0 0


Princess Kitana :iconstray-lobo:Stray-Lobo 22 3 Styloide Book :iconstyloideillustration:StyloideIllustration 20 7 Tau Fire Warrior Pony :iconponiesofthekeene:PoniesOfTheKeene 39 7 The poisened apple :iconfantasio:fantasio 471 65 alien musician :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 42 7 Sea creatures :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 117 11 Vydra :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 100 13 spear prod :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 135 27 lodestone toads :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 50 12 Sea Slug :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 69 10 false fairy :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 119 4 Lodestone mountains :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 64 11 the prize :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 41 14 Milvus papyraceus :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 70 9 goodnight quilin :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 56 6 electrolactolous :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 146 12


Captain Kiki Kentucky uniforms
    Captain Kiki Kentucky is Captain of the USS Enterme. She is a female o'Imerotes (oh-ee-me­-roh-teez)—also known as Homos (hoh-mohz)—from the planet o'Imeros (Sigma Erotes III).
    Shown are her everyday service uniform, her mess uniform for formal or diplomatic events, and her envirosuit with her Vibrotron-6000 pistol and vibro-cutlass. Both weapons have a vibrate and an obliterate setting.
Amatrix Destroyer technical layout - external
    The Amatrix-class was designed as a main-line destroyer to replace the older and outdated Intrabit-class. By moving the bridge amidship, additional weapons ports and sensors could be mounted to cover the forward/dorsal field. And by moving the warp nacelles to dorsal mounts, the pylons could provide additional cover to the bridge. This, however, limited the field-of-fire of the aft/dorsal-mounted weapons ports and sensors.
USS Enterme technical layout - external
    `The USS Enterme (DSS-721) is a Sex Fleet starship assigned to interstellar exploration and sexual contact of new life and new civilīzations. She is an older Intrabit-class destroyer originally designed for fleet escort and wolf-pack hunt-and-destroy missions during the Three-Way War against the Screwon Consummation. Since the introduction of the Amatrix-class destroyer, the Intrabit-class has been relegated to secondary missions like border patrol and galactic exploration.
Master Chief Clit!Lick model construction - body
    Master Chief Clit!Lick (klit!-lik) is the Chief of Security of the USS Enterme. As the senior-most non-commissioned officer (NCO), she oversees the duties of all subordinate NCOs and enlisted crew members. She is a female Gynoan (gai-noh-uhnfrom the planet Gynos (Alpha Gynos V). She has a light blue complexion, silver eyes, two antennae, and is otherwise hairless.

    Gynoans are a matrilineal and matriarchal society. Because males do not live beyond mating, females are the predominant gender. A minority of sterile males survive into adulthood, but they are regarded as second-class citizens with few rights. Their occupations tend to be menial and more servile.
Yeoman Randy model construction - body
    Yeoman (Ensign) Randy is Captain Kentucky’s personal secretary and responsible for ensuring all her needs are taken care of. He is a male o'Imerotes (oh-ee-me­roh-teez)—also known as Homos (hoh-mohz)—from the planet o'Imeros (Sigma Erotes III). He has a medium-tan complexion, sea foam green hair, magenta eyes, and is also a brother-by-another-mother of Ensign Andy.

It is known Homos are not native to o'Imeros, with archaeological evidence showing it was only terraformed and made habitable roughly 100,000 Imerosian years ago. Mitochondrial DNA analysis shows some genetic manipulation in and around that time, but otherwise, they remain the least modified of all known sentient species in the galaxy. [See “Voyeur Hypothesis”.]

Homos have fluid social structures which allow them to create, sever, or rebuild interpersonal bonds seemingly at will. The benefits of this permit them great flexibility, an insatiable curiosity, and a desire for innovation and exploration. To their detriment, however, this makes them unreliable, disorganized, and hypocritical.


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Thank you, and you're welcome. I enjoyed how you took obviously sexual situations and elevated them beyond just erotica to a captured sensual experience. Many of your images caught that single moment in time when that spark, that tingle of intense pleasure originates in the woman's sexual center, travels up her spine into her mind, and washes over her body in pure delight, accompanied only by a sigh, a moan, some verbal release.

While it could be argued that your works are simply voyeuristic, exploitative even, I would counter that anyone who has pleased a woman in such a way, to such extremes is in themselves being voyeuristic. A large part of the "pleaser's" own delight comes from witnessing the "pleasured" be delighted herself. For me, with the larger body of your work, it was that sense memory your art triggered, a reminder of shared experiences.
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